© D.Lantermoz 2020

Date of release : November 15th 2019

Book title: Pink Dumbo's Footprints

Edited by: Lina Ozerkina

Published by: Friends Make Books Torino

Format: 23 cm x 32 cm / Riso Print and Silk Screen Print
/ 96 Pages Franch Folded / Hand Made

Concept: " What more than the apparition in a dream, following an accidental abuse of alcohol, a dancing pink elephant parade.

What better than this expedient to record traces of the subconscious, multiform strips of information laid down deep at the bottom of our forgotten mental archives.

Footprints of dancing feet, traces recorded on sheets, on canvas, to testify the presence of an "Other", of a "Whole", of a "Beyond".

Footprints and Traces as original data, witness to a passage, the existence of entities, without any adornments or falsifications.

Like waking up on the top of a highest tree, realizing you always knew how to fly.

What other colour if not black, to transcribe and record."

-Davide Lantermoz